Fight For Life Perception Book 3 – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Fight of Life (Perception, #3)Fight of Life by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fight for life by Shandi Boyes is the third book in the Perception Series and unlike the other two can be read as a standalone. While I loved Noah and Emily from book 1 and 2, I have to say that this book was by far my favorite so far. Not just the characters but by the amazing way the author has written another 5 star book.

Jacob Walters, He is loveable with a huge heart. One look into his blue eyes, and he will steal your heart.
Lola, you love her or hate her. She is stubborn and set in her ways.

Get these two together and you have an amazing love story. Lola feels a connection with Jacob right away but she had been so hurt in the past that she guards her heart and her emotions. Jacob is drawn to her also, and wants to spend more time with her. They decide to remain friends which leads to years of off and on again between the both of them. All that Jacob wants to do is break down her walls and All’s Lola fears is what happens when he does break down these walls.

Shandi Boyes has done it yet again and has given us a book boyfriend you want all to yourself. While yes, this book can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the first two books in the series, as you will be able to read how Noah and Emily see Jacob and you will fall even more in love with him. I loved that Lola was stubborn and guarded but she was not weak like many other leading ladies are. She drew me into the book just as much as Jacob did. This whole series just gets better and better. I love the style in which the author gives us and the strong leading characters and also the supporting characters. I give this book 5 stars and recommend this WHOLE series. I honestly can say this has been one of my favorite series this year and I cannot wait to read more in this series and more from this author.

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