Kismet (Endgame Series Book 2) by Leigh Ann Lunsford – Review by Krystal Gaston

Kismet (Endgame Series #2)Kismet by Leigh Ann Lunsford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kismet is Book two in the Endgame Series written by Leigh Ann Lunsford. This story can be read as a stand alone or following book one. I suggest reading book one first. Leigh Ann Lunsford did a unique thing when writing this story. If you read book one you know some of the stuff mentioned in this book and you have a clue as to what it’s about however this is told from Emberlee and Brodys point of view and there is sooo much stuff that happened that we didn’t know about.
“She renders me incapable with one touch. One look. The hands that were slapping and lashing out at me are the same ones caressing and pulling me closer. Kismet. Beyond my control.”
Emberlee and Brody have history, it started out innocent he was there while her father mentored him, she was in high school, he had to stay away from her she was only 16. When called home for an emergency with his sister he realizes that his sister is only one year younger then Emberlee. That was a rude awakening for Brody and he has to break his promise to Emberlee he is too old for her she is still too young and she hates the military lifestyle. But does she get a say in her life? After three long heart broken years how will Emberlee react when Brody not only comes back around but wants to fix the past and his mistakes when it comes to why he left and the way he did it. Emberlee and Brody have a very love/hate relationship and it is hilarious. They are friends lovers and enemies but will he be there for her when it matters most?

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Fight For Life Perception Book 3 – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Fight of Life (Perception, #3)Fight of Life by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fight for life by Shandi Boyes is the third book in the Perception Series and unlike the other two can be read as a standalone. While I loved Noah and Emily from book 1 and 2, I have to say that this book was by far my favorite so far. Not just the characters but by the amazing way the author has written another 5 star book.

Jacob Walters, He is loveable with a huge heart. One look into his blue eyes, and he will steal your heart.
Lola, you love her or hate her. She is stubborn and set in her ways.

Get these two together and you have an amazing love story. Lola feels a connection with Jacob right away but she had been so hurt in the past that she guards her heart and her emotions. Jacob is drawn to her also, and wants to spend more time with her. They decide to remain friends which leads to years of off and on again between the both of them. All that Jacob wants to do is break down her walls and All’s Lola fears is what happens when he does break down these walls.

Shandi Boyes has done it yet again and has given us a book boyfriend you want all to yourself. While yes, this book can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the first two books in the series, as you will be able to read how Noah and Emily see Jacob and you will fall even more in love with him. I loved that Lola was stubborn and guarded but she was not weak like many other leading ladies are. She drew me into the book just as much as Jacob did. This whole series just gets better and better. I love the style in which the author gives us and the strong leading characters and also the supporting characters. I give this book 5 stars and recommend this WHOLE series. I honestly can say this has been one of my favorite series this year and I cannot wait to read more in this series and more from this author.

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The Reality of Life (Perception Book 2) – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Reality of Life (Perception, #2)Reality of Life by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The reality of Life by Shandi Boyes, is yet another wonderfully written book that I loved diving into. This is the second book in the series, the first book gutted me and this one I was nervous. I worried about not being able to love this book and what Noah had to go through with his latest tragic event. Well let me tell you Shandi Boyes did it again. A book full of shocking surprises that will keep you wanting more and more. It’s going to be hard to right this review without giving so much away, this is a book you need to read for yourself following book one.

After deciding to go against the record label, Emily and Noah decide to stay together and build a life together. Then tragedy strikes. Noah is sent into a tail spin and everyone around him is very worried about him. His bandmates surround him with love and watch him constantly to make sure he is okay. While reading this book, you will experience such a roller coaster of emotions. When you think things are going to end great, it doesn’t, when you think things are going to end badly, the good shines through. Basically this is a book so worth reading, I was able to read this in two sittings.

Again, Shandi Boyes really outdid herself. She broke my heart into a thousand pieces and was able to put it back together again. For me that is the PERFECT BOOK. Enough love to keep me wanting more, sadness that turns into happiness, and drama to keep me coming back for more. Shandi Boyes truly is a very talented author that I highly recommend to everyone. I give this book 5 stars. The characters draw you in and the writing style of the author will truly drag you in and wanting more. If you love rocker romance, with a side of tragedy and drama this is so the book series for you, though you need to read book one before diving into book 2. Well done Shandi Boyes and I cannot wait to see what more you have for us!

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An Exaltation of Larks (Vereny #1) by Suanne Laqueur – Review by Gail Guerrero

An Exaltation of Larks (Venery, #1)An Exaltation of Larks by Suanne Laqueur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a confusingly beautiful story. The beginning was my favorite. How the Author wrote these characters into life. The characters where given more than just another story. They were given true life. No life is perfect we have ups and downs. We just learn to navigate it better. I wasn’t a fan of how everything went down. But it was beautiful in it’s tragedy. Alex and Val have been destined for each other from the first time they didn’t let language be a problem. I loved reading their story and how they found each other after years of pushed aside affection. You add in Jav and things get really hot. I wasn’t expecting the ending but I am glad it ended the way it did. I would’ve had a hard time accepting their relationship when Jav didn’t want Val too just Alex. I see them as a packaged deal and Jav and Alex broke it. Val was amazing like I couldn’t cope with the thought of someone else loving my man. But she was so understanding and brave to try and make everyone happy. I think if they crossed that line anymore relationships would’ve been lost. Not saying it wouldn’t work just that someone would’ve been hurt and it would be Val. Love is a powerful and painful thing.

Reviewed by @gguerrero89

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An Unexpected Home (Cedarville, #1) by Bree Kraemer – Review by Moriah Venable

An Unexpected Home (Cedarville #1)An Unexpected Home by Bree Kraemer

An Unexpected Home is the first novel in the Cedarville series by Bree Kraemer. This is my first novel by this author.

Leah Gibson, 28 year old accountant, moves to Cedarville, Ohio to help her friends Carly and Mel run their dance studio. After a little hesitation, Leah decides to start life anew to get away from the press and media after the betrayal of her father and uncle.

‘Home, she realized, was not just a place you slept or kept your things. It was more than that. It was a place that you felt comfortable and wanted. Even loved.’

When she arrives she meets Brandon who is not only Carly’s 33 year old cousin but also the local acting police chief after the former police chief had a heart attack and he was next in line. There is an instant attraction between the two but of course the two try to deny it.

The night Leah comes to town there is a break in and Brandon tries not to sound accusing when someone says they saw Leah’s car pass by during the time of the break in. Leah feels like she is being questioned because of her past, but answers the questions anyway.

The next day she goes to see him but leaves when she starts having a panic attack and leaves. She comes back to apologize and explains that she wants to sleep with him but Brandon refuses because he likes her and wants more than just that.

When an expected visitor comes into town, will they ruin the growing relationship?

While initially hesitant, I really enjoyed this story. The novel is told from alternative third person perspectives of Leah and Brandon.

Brandon is one of those types of guys who dates but wants nothing serious and the women he sees know that. But the moment he lays eyes on Leah, he likes her and wants more. He doesn’t like being called ‘boss’ or ‘sir’ but it protective of those he cares about.

“I will say this . I have women that I can go to when I want sex and they know that it is just sex. But I don’t sleep around.”“Why can’t I be one of those women?” He heard the words and he knew what she was asking but for some reason it made him angry. “You just can’t,” he said and turned putting his back to her so he could go sit back down.”

I love stories where people are starting over and making a new life for themselves.

Of course the path getting there, isn’t easy. But it’s great and makes me hopeful, when reading.

Leah and Brandon I felt had amazing chemistry, making the novel more fun to read.

With great romance, suspense and characters one can relate to, it’s a novel you don’t wanna put down.

I can’t wait for the next novel.

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Taken (Five Fates, #2) By Amy McKinley – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Taken (Five Fates #2)Taken by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taken is the second book in the Five fates series by Amy McKinley. I have to say while I love the first book, Hidden, I loved this book even more. This book follows Layla and Thaull. I truly love how Amy McKinley has once again created a world full of mythology, paranormal, and a touch of romance. She again was able to pull me right in and follow two broken yet strong characters. While lost in the amazing world that Amy created, I love how this book is about trust, trust not just in yourself but trust in those that are around you.

Layla, who is cursed by the Fates, make a promise to herself. She promises that she will never be at someone else’s mercy. When certain things are sent in motion, things change. People want her dead due to the skills she has, she also finds out many are using her for those skills that could wind up killing her one day. Her skills just won’t just hurt her but could hurt the family she loves so much. Layla needs to trust someone, in order to save herself and her family. Thaull, who is dealing with soul divide and clan turmoil hangs in the balance. To avoid his soul ripping in half, he knows that he must find love, the love of a female freely given, can save him and his soul. What happens when she can be dark from her curse and he can go numb for his?
Amy give us another story that is always busy and action packed. I truly love how with all the fantasy, paranormal, and mythology you find two amazing characters who need and want love no matter what they want to say. I love how these two characters mesh so well together and how easily it is for me to picture this amazing world that they live in. I give this book five stars and I so am ready to dig into the rest of the series. I admit, this book has really changed my view on this genre, Thank you Amy McKinley.

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Hidden (Five Fates, Bk 1) by Amy McKinley – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Hidden (Five Fates, #1)Hidden by Amy McKinley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hidden the first book in the Five Fates series by Amy McKinley. The series is about five sisters that are cursed by the fates and hidden on earth. Hidden follows Jade and Roen, a demon who is a fierce warrior. This book has paranormal, mythology, and a great romance. I love Amy’s writing style especially her attention to detail and when romance links with danger, it’s a shoe in for me. This is the first book I have read by the author and I have to say that I was not disappointed. If you love mythology then I must say that this is the book for you. I am hoping all five sisters get a book. I truly loved that Jade was made into such a strong character and not weak like many are.

Jade, who is half demon and half goddess, have been hidden and trying to stay that way with Oneiroi. She finds a mural and knows that she has found true love and needs to find him before Oneiroi. Roen, a demon, a part a clan hidden for years, feels is mate in his dream. When they finally see each other, Jade is taken by Roens uncle and he knows he must protect her at all costs. Not only do Roen and Jade find true love but they are also together to fight and overcome so much evil. Will Rone and Jade find love they both crave? Will they give into the connection they both feel? So many questions will arise as you read this and as you get the answers you will fall in love with this story.

I love how Amy, take Greek Mythology and adds her own spin on it. She had me engrossed in this story from the first page, which is I loved. This is not my normal genre but I love how the book had love, action, and that kept me engrossed on an amazing story line. I give this book 4 stars and I cannot wait to read about Jades sisters and their journey. I love how Amy created a supernatural world that will just suck you in.

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Perception of Life Book One by Shandi Boyes – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Perception of Life (Perception, #1)Perception of Life by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Preception of Life by Shandi Boyes was just WOW! This book ended with such a cliffhanger and I so wanted to scream. I totally loved this book and I cannot wait till book two comes out so I can see how this all unfolds. Shandi Boyes truly gave us an amazing book! So many emotions were hit for me as I read this book. You totally will become engrossed with the story of the two lead characters, It’s just hard not to fall for them both.
Noah Taylor is on the rise to be the next big star with his band, Rise Up. After a horrible family events things just are not the same. Nothing can repair the damage that has been done. The last thing that he needs is a serious relationship. Then enters Emily. Emily is so unique and the bond and love that make them THEM is just truly amazing. Things are not perfect for the both of them, but they have such a chemistry. While he loves Emily, but they want the band to appear single! He is torn for the love of his band and the girl he wants and needs in his life.

I truly enjoyed this book and Shandi Boyes writing. I was hooked and know that I want to read the second book, I have to know how this ends. The story of Emily and Noah simply is just amazing. There is so much more I could say about this story but I am trying so hard not to spoil a very good book for those that want to dive in. I give this book 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone who love rock star romance books with a lot of drama. I was able to read this book in one setting because the characters and story line were able to draw me in. I will leave with one last statement that I feel sums this book up perfectly…. One look changed him, One voice open his heart, and one look in her eyes shows Noah, Emily will become the best thing that ever happen, His life changed the moment he walked down that hallway……

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Trucker by Jamie Schlosser – Review By Sue Kemp

Trucker (The Good Guys)Trucker by Jamie Schlosser
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jamie Schlosser
5 Stars

Awesome book. Absolutely loved the story line.
Angels mother left her when she was seven, her father died when she was twelve and now at seventeen. The aunt who had raised her has died. Angel is now all alone and since she is under eighteen she has to go to a foster home. Two weeks before her eighteenth birthday she had had enough of being in the foster home and left. She decided she was going to California to meet her mother and hopefully the two could have a relationship. The first night of her travels was a twelve hour bus ride. Luckily she had slept most of that twelve hours. The second night she decided she would sleep in a cheap motel. Angel too another bus to Ohio and decided to hitchhike the test of the way to save her money. She stopped at a truck stop and got a drink and something to eat, she also badly needed to wash her hair. Doing this in the truck stop toilet she nearly slipped in the water she got every where. Deciding it was time to move she started to walk and thought the shoes she had on were no good for long walks. Travis in the meantime had left the truck stop and saw the girl he had seen at the truck stop hitchhiking. There was no way he was going to let her hitchhike so he pulled his truck over and told her to get in. Angel felt safe with Travis and thought he was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. She asked Travis where he was going, he told her Tolson was the last stop. By the time they got to Tolsen je knew she was going to California to see her mother. He told her he was going that way in three weeks and would give her a lift. He also said she could stay at his place to save her money. Both were quite attracted to each other and in three weeks went from strangers to being in love. Neither of them told the other how they felt. The time had come for her to go to California. It was a hard trip for both Travis and Angel. The day after she arrived she went to see her mother. Her mother told her don’t change your life because i wouldn’t do it for you. In the mean time Travis had turned his truck around as he needed to tell Angel he loved her. When he got back to her hotel she waited till got back from the prison and noticed she was tearing up the post card. He went and say by her, she didn’t notice he was there until he said hi baby. She asked why was he here and he told her I had to tell you I love you and please come home.

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Room 208 By Michelle Sullivan – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Room 208Room 208 by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Room 208 by Michelle Sullivan is unlike any other book I have ever read before and I have to say that I loved it from beginning to end. Michelle Sullivan writes a wonderful romance and not the typical romance that I am used to reading. I loved the plot, story line, and the outcome truly moved me and I think could move anyone that is married and currently in a rough spot. I see this book as an amazing romance but also a book that couples also learn a lot from, I know that I have!

Sam and Ollie are married, both work, and have twins. Lately all they seem to be doing is fighting and they both are unhappy but don’t seem to make the time to sit down and talk. Finally they are able to get away to a hotel, room 208, this room begins to be an escape for them both. This is a place they can talk and get back the love they both have and it is also the place where they can explore each other ways they never have. When things are starting to go right, Ollie starts a new project with a young rich girl. Ollie feels that they are friends but Sam thinks different. Sam tried to give this girl the benefit of the doubt but as time goes by, she sees her for what she really is. Follow Sam and Ollie on the road to saving themselves, save the family they love, and a marriage that means so much to them.

I loved this book with such a passion and really makes me see what can happen when you take time from a busy life to fix your marriage or relationship. I loved this book being about an already committed couple and how they both want to fix this and how they together are able to fight outside influences. I think anyone who loves romance or even a married couple could read this together. I happily give this book 5 stars and I know it will be a book that reread many times. Well Done Michelle Sullivan!!!

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Room 208 by Michelle Sullivan – Review by Shannon Fowler

Room 208Room 208 by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here’s a great story about love, marriage and communication!
Being married for ten years, Sam and Ollie have found themselves in a slump. Life takes a toll, jobs, kids and those questionable friends. Sometimes you forget how special that certain someone really is. The clichés like “you don’t know how good something is until it’s gone” is so true in this story. Sometimes you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Marriage means love which means trying and working together. And even though marriage can be tough work there is also love, happiness and rewards. A marriage takes both the husband and wife to work together and communicate.
Michelle Sullivan is able to draw you into her story. You will feel the same pain as Sam and Ollie when things begin to go down hill.

“I feel like every bone in my body is being crushed. I have never felt this kind of pain in my life and I just don’t know how I am ever going to feel good again.”

And you also get to feel the amazing love they share because some things really are worth fighting for.

“…..we hit some mountains, but at the end of the day, our love for each other outweighs any stuff that anyone can throw at us and learning that now will only make us stronger and stronger in the years to come.”

Sometimes when reading a really good book you experience many emotions and have conflicting thoughts. My main thought while reading Room 208 is that men are so dumb and then women are so dumb. Of course if I had been in Sam and Ollie’s situation my reactions may have gotten me arrested! I really love the way these two were able to come together to start solving their problems. However as in real life, not everything in this book is all unicorns and rainbows! Please read this book!

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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Playing for Love (Playing Series, Book 2) by Ashlie Knapp – Review by Shannon Fowler

Playing for Love (Playing Series, Book 2)Playing for Love by Ashlie Knapp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ashlie Knapp has done it again! She has written another heart melting, tear wiping, feel good, love story. This story is about Cassie and Jamal, who are friends of Callie and Kyle from book 1.
Cassie has a little bit of an ugly past, although no fault of her own, making her not trust any man. So instead of dating and socializing in any way, she turns to education and books. A girl after my own heart.
Jamal is a basketball star, single father of JJ and best friend of Kyle Kelly. Which means this story will be better understood if read after Playing to Win. This one starts right where book 1 left off. Many returning characters along with some new ones and an evil force help to give this story its 5 well deserved stars.
I loved that Cassie doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body and she accepts it and is ok with it.
“Har, har, har, you two. I can’t help it that I wasn’t born with an athletic gene in my body.”
I know some people like this and it made me laugh a lot. Even though Jamal is a star basketball player, the two find themselves together, a lot.
There are many times this story had me snickering to myself, laughing out loud and even tearing up. JJ and Jamal’s Whip and Nae Nae dance off is just one example of the laugh out loud scenes.
Ashlie Knapp has a writing style that is easy to read and follow. She includes fun, heart felt characters. And while this story is dreamy and romantic, Knapp keeps it realistic as well.
This is just a great story all around. I highly recommend this story, but don’t stop there. I highly recommend the series and author as well.

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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Playing to Win (Playing Series, Book 1) by Ashlie Knapp – Review by Shannon Fowler

Playing to Win (Playing Series, book 1)Playing to Win by Ashlie Knapp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such a cute cute fun story! Quick and easy to read, too! Ashlie Knapp is a new to me author and I am pleasantly surprised and happy to have taken a chance on her! This story is a stand alone and has a very……..ending. Ha! No spoilers in this review! If you are looking for wild and crazy, out of control alphas, then this is not the story for you. However, if you are looking for a hometown, boy next door, heart melting story, you will be delighted with Playing to Win!
This is a story about basketball star Kyle Kelly and cheerleader and future hopeful, sports broadcaster, Callie Thompson. Callie has sworn off all types of athletes thanks to one ex high school sweetheart. But when she literally runs into Kyle, there’s something about him she can’t resist. Especially when she loses a game of horse with him. How will they overcome Callie’s belief that all jocks are the same? Is Kyle too good to be true?
I loved the references to things I already love, like Taco Bell, basketball and O.M.G. Garth Brooks!
“And I named him Garth because Garth Brooks is the best musician in the history of music .”

These two characters had me laughing and hoping for the best to happen to them. I couldn’t help but to love them both! While there are no hot love scenes for delicate eyes to be offended by, there were moments of swooning. #sigh #sweetlove

“And he was right. Their lips did want to get to know each other. And if it were up to her, they were on their way to becoming best friends.”

The secondary characters, or best friends in this story, as well as their families, added to the fun and are also looking for happiness and love. Lets hope Ashlie Knapp is helping them find it!

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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