Trucker by Jamie Schlosser – Review By Sue Kemp

Trucker (The Good Guys)Trucker by Jamie Schlosser
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Jamie Schlosser
5 Stars

Awesome book. Absolutely loved the story line.
Angels mother left her when she was seven, her father died when she was twelve and now at seventeen. The aunt who had raised her has died. Angel is now all alone and since she is under eighteen she has to go to a foster home. Two weeks before her eighteenth birthday she had had enough of being in the foster home and left. She decided she was going to California to meet her mother and hopefully the two could have a relationship. The first night of her travels was a twelve hour bus ride. Luckily she had slept most of that twelve hours. The second night she decided she would sleep in a cheap motel. Angel too another bus to Ohio and decided to hitchhike the test of the way to save her money. She stopped at a truck stop and got a drink and something to eat, she also badly needed to wash her hair. Doing this in the truck stop toilet she nearly slipped in the water she got every where. Deciding it was time to move she started to walk and thought the shoes she had on were no good for long walks. Travis in the meantime had left the truck stop and saw the girl he had seen at the truck stop hitchhiking. There was no way he was going to let her hitchhike so he pulled his truck over and told her to get in. Angel felt safe with Travis and thought he was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. She asked Travis where he was going, he told her Tolson was the last stop. By the time they got to Tolsen je knew she was going to California to see her mother. He told her he was going that way in three weeks and would give her a lift. He also said she could stay at his place to save her money. Both were quite attracted to each other and in three weeks went from strangers to being in love. Neither of them told the other how they felt. The time had come for her to go to California. It was a hard trip for both Travis and Angel. The day after she arrived she went to see her mother. Her mother told her don’t change your life because i wouldn’t do it for you. In the mean time Travis had turned his truck around as he needed to tell Angel he loved her. When he got back to her hotel she waited till got back from the prison and noticed she was tearing up the post card. He went and say by her, she didn’t notice he was there until he said hi baby. She asked why was he here and he told her I had to tell you I love you and please come home.

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