Room 208 By Michelle Sullivan – Review By Heidi Eich Woodring

Room 208Room 208 by Michelle Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Room 208 by Michelle Sullivan is unlike any other book I have ever read before and I have to say that I loved it from beginning to end. Michelle Sullivan writes a wonderful romance and not the typical romance that I am used to reading. I loved the plot, story line, and the outcome truly moved me and I think could move anyone that is married and currently in a rough spot. I see this book as an amazing romance but also a book that couples also learn a lot from, I know that I have!

Sam and Ollie are married, both work, and have twins. Lately all they seem to be doing is fighting and they both are unhappy but don’t seem to make the time to sit down and talk. Finally they are able to get away to a hotel, room 208, this room begins to be an escape for them both. This is a place they can talk and get back the love they both have and it is also the place where they can explore each other ways they never have. When things are starting to go right, Ollie starts a new project with a young rich girl. Ollie feels that they are friends but Sam thinks different. Sam tried to give this girl the benefit of the doubt but as time goes by, she sees her for what she really is. Follow Sam and Ollie on the road to saving themselves, save the family they love, and a marriage that means so much to them.

I loved this book with such a passion and really makes me see what can happen when you take time from a busy life to fix your marriage or relationship. I loved this book being about an already committed couple and how they both want to fix this and how they together are able to fight outside influences. I think anyone who loves romance or even a married couple could read this together. I happily give this book 5 stars and I know it will be a book that reread many times. Well Done Michelle Sullivan!!!

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