Taken (Five Fates, #2) By Amy McKinley – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Taken (Five Fates #2)Taken by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taken is the second book in the Five fates series by Amy McKinley. I have to say while I love the first book, Hidden, I loved this book even more. This book follows Layla and Thaull. I truly love how Amy McKinley has once again created a world full of mythology, paranormal, and a touch of romance. She again was able to pull me right in and follow two broken yet strong characters. While lost in the amazing world that Amy created, I love how this book is about trust, trust not just in yourself but trust in those that are around you.

Layla, who is cursed by the Fates, make a promise to herself. She promises that she will never be at someone else’s mercy. When certain things are sent in motion, things change. People want her dead due to the skills she has, she also finds out many are using her for those skills that could wind up killing her one day. Her skills just won’t just hurt her but could hurt the family she loves so much. Layla needs to trust someone, in order to save herself and her family. Thaull, who is dealing with soul divide and clan turmoil hangs in the balance. To avoid his soul ripping in half, he knows that he must find love, the love of a female freely given, can save him and his soul. What happens when she can be dark from her curse and he can go numb for his?
Amy give us another story that is always busy and action packed. I truly love how with all the fantasy, paranormal, and mythology you find two amazing characters who need and want love no matter what they want to say. I love how these two characters mesh so well together and how easily it is for me to picture this amazing world that they live in. I give this book five stars and I so am ready to dig into the rest of the series. I admit, this book has really changed my view on this genre, Thank you Amy McKinley.

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