Capturing Us (Cedarville #2) by Bree Kraemer – Review by Stacey Baxter

Capturing Us (Cedarville #2)Capturing Us by Bree Kraemer
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Melanie has loved Logan for a long time but never told him if anything lately she’s been extra cranky towards him to try and push him away. Every time she see him her body can’t help but react to him she wants him bad but shes just not sure how to approach him, Melanie is normally in control of things and straight to the point but with Logan she not as confident at first. When Logan gets a offer to work away again on assignment with his photography that give Melanie the push she needs to tell him how she really feels but things don’t go to plan. Ever since Mel was attacked Logan realised there was more to them friendship it shocked the hell out of him to think all this time they could have been more but deep down he knows he wouldn’t of been ready especially considering he would have been away a lot with work so then wouldn’t of been the right time. Logan has been thinking recently that he no longer wants to travel but when what he originally has planned goes through he decide to do one more assignment away but hes in a complete shock when he finds out just before he’s leaving that Mel has had feelings for him for all this time not sure what to do with all this new information he still goes hoping that Mel won’t hate him to much when he gets back. Will Melanie forgive Logan? Will they get together? Do they get there happy ever after…….
I loved Melanie’s and logans story it was amazing the connection they have between them was beautiful and seeing feelings come light was wonderful to read plus the characters themselves have awesome personalities I felt I could really connect with them. The story had you right from the beginning had such a lovely flow to it. I have loved the Cedarville series so far you can read them as standalone but they ate better to read as a series so you don’t miss out on history with the characters amazing.

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