A Trucker Christmas by Jamie Schlosser – Review by Sue Kemp

A Trucker Christmas (The Good Guys)A Trucker Christmas by Jamie Schlosser
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Trucker Christmas
Author Jamie Schlosser
5 Stars

Christmas has not always been good for Angel. However this Christmas is the best one she has ever had, she is surrounded by people who she loves and by those who also love her. Her Christmas present from Travis is sitting on her finger a beautiful engagement along with a marriage proposal which of course she accepted. She can’t stop looking at her beautiful ring and is amazed how it sparkles under the lights of the Christmas tree. Travis was nervous when he was preparing to ask her to marry him; he worried that she may say no. They were going to his moms for Christmas lunch and when they arrived she nearly knocked Travis off his feet in trying to get to Angel. Travis was also surprised his mom managed to keep the engagement ring a secret, since she knew what he was planning. The love between his mom and Angel stood out for all to see. Angel spent some of Christmas morning looking through wedding sites with Travis’ mom; they were both as excited as each other looking what could be bought for the wedding. Travis is in awe of how close the two women he loved the most are. Angel squeals with delight when she find a dress that she really like, Travis goes to look but his mom turned her computer away from him so he couldn’t see. When asked when the wedding was to be Angel said she would like a summer wedding, Travis told her he would marry her tomorrow if he could, his mom told him that wouldn’t happen as a wedding takes months to plan. Smiling he leaves the loves of his life finish up with their wedding searches.

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