Dancer By Jamie Schlosser – Review by Sue Kemp

Dancer (The Good Guys)Dancer by Jamie Schlosser
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Author Jamie Schlosser
5 stars
Colton and Ellie had known each other from childhood. They were best friends and spent every moment they could together. But disaster struck when Colton’s mom died of cancer. After her death his dad decided they were moving away to start a new life together. For a while Ellie and Colton stayed in touch but it hurt Colton too much so he stopped replying to her letters. They were only young children but the decided they were going to be together forever, and now that had been taken away from them. Fifteen years later their lives were about to collide again. Travis and Angel were taking him out for his birthday, they were going to a club called Caged as that was the only place Angel could get in legally since she was only eighteen. Colton started to relax at the club and thought the girl in the cage at the opposite side of the room looked familiar. He didn’t know where he knew her from but was determined to find out. Alot had happened in the years since they last seen each other Ellie was now a single mom of a four year old girl Ava. Colton and Ellie spent time together at his place since Travis and Angel were away. Ellie was worried about telling him about Ava but knew she had to. When she told him it didn’t bother him that she was a single mom and knew if he was going to love her, he would love Ava to. When Colton met Ava Ellie was surprised how she took to Colton straight away and it seemed he was just as taken to her. Months down the track he decided he was going to marry Ellie and he wanted to legally adopted Ava as his daughter. When he told Ellie this it melted her heart. Colton brought both his girls ring. At a picnic surrounded by all they loved colton took Ava for a walk. Stopping on the walk he sat Ava on his lap and asked her if it.was ok for him to marry her mom, Ava told him yes. He also asked her if he could be her dad, she asked if he would be her really really dad. Ava was so happy when Colton said yes and she asked him for ring. Running back to Elly she yells out mom we are getting married.

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