Unraveling an Enigma (Enigma #2) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jana Teppih

Unraveling an Enigma (Enigma #2)Unraveling an Enigma by Shandi Boyes
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Unraveling an Enigma: Isaacs Story by Shandi Boyes is Book 2 of a 4-book Series. You can read it as a standalone as the writer is able to write in a way that you do not feel as if you are missing anything BUT I would not recommend reading this book before reading Book 1 first, you would be missing out a lot.
It is a powerful story about the unconditional love, breaking the rules and endless devotion. As I had read the first book I planned my whole Saturday around reading Book 2 – I knew that I wanted to start and not stop until I was done with it. And I did so! I laughed and I cried and I sat on tender hooks while keeping reading to find out what is happening and the ending… oh my word, I cannot wait to start on Book 3!
The book gives us more insight into why Isaac is the way he is, we get to know other characters more and of course, we fall more and more in love with Isaac along with Isabel so we feel what she is feeling…
Shandi Boyes is an amazing writer and has a true talent. I am really happy for finding this author and I cannot wait to read Book 3 (and I think I will need to make time to read the other books in her Perception series so that I could learn more about Isaac’s brother Nick and…).

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