Enigma: The Final Chapter (Enigma #4) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jana Teppih

Enigma: The Final Chapter (Enigma #4)Enigma: The Final Chapter by Shandi Boyes
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Enigma: The Final Chapter Isaac’s Story Book 4 by Shandi Boyes is the fourth book of the Series and definitely not a standalone. As the title says, it is the final chapter of Isaac’s story but it is not the last book, there will be more! Hugo will get his book and Hunter’s book is next so I am sure or more like I hope, we will hear more about Izzie and Isaac and Callie…
I have loved every book of Isaac’s Story and I have to admit, it has gotten better with every installment. At times I thought I had figured it all out and then… a total twist, there was actually nothing that I had figured out and that made the ending even sweeter!
In the final chapter we really find out if the love and trust between Isaac and Izzie will stand in the face of their greatest challenge so far … We will see how far Izzie will go to protect Isaac and how she will face her greatest fear.
I highly recommend the series to everyone! You will have many enjoyable hours ahead of you!

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