Kisses Under the Spotlight (Alex Jackson, #1) by Joanne Dannon – Review by Jana Teppih

Kisses Under the Spotlight (Alex Jackson, #1)Kisses Under the Spotlight by Joanne Dannon
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Kisses Under the Spotlight by Joanne Dannon is the first book of the Alex Jackson series. It is my first encounter with this writer. I have to say that she will be joining the other Aussie writers that I love and whose next books I have noted down in my Google calendar.
Ms Dannon has a unique way of telling her story and you hopelessly get hooked up as it is an emotional fast paced story filled with twists left and right that simply doesn’t let you go until you have finished it. It is a story of two people who both carry heavy baggage with them. They need to find a way forward and towards each other through the pitfalls of their past. In addition, they come from different parts of the society – Alex is a superstar and Violet is a physiotherapist who is used to working with people in the spotlight but who does not feel comfortable herself in the spotlight. We are constantly aware of how the world of spotlights influenced Alex and Violet’s decisions and actions.
What I loved about the story was the lightness of it, despite some heavy universal matters that the author is tackling. She teaches us that love overcomes and heals everything, she restores our faith in love.
I recommend the story to all of you cynics that need a push to get out of the funk and start believing in happily ever after, even if it just in a book world! I personally am looking forward to the next book!

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