Seraphina’s Initiation by Sheena Hutchinson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Seraphina's Initiation (Seraphina, #2)Seraphina’s Initiation by Sheena Hutchinson
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Nate knows the moment Seraphina has made her decision, a decision she has made to keep those she loves safe. Seraphina has made her decision and has packed and said her goodbyes but still finds it extremely hard leaving behind all she has known. She realises she has to lie to those she loves and she doesn’t know when she will get to see them again. Now she is moving in with her boyfriend, her fallen angel, Nate. Now it is Nate’s turn to teach, train and mentor Seraphina with all that he knows to help her with her new found powers. Jack misses seeing Seraphina and constantly contacts her. He can’t deal with not being in Sera’s life and after seeing Seraphina and Nate together finally decides to take drastic measures. Jack does something he has sworn he would never do, something that he may not be able to come back from. Will this bring Jack and Sera closer together or will this finally be the end of their friendship? As Nate and Sera try to come to terms with what she is exactly, what she has become and what she can do, they have to deal with the strange occurrences, disappearances, dreams and demons. But can Nate keep her safe when he doesn’t have the powers he once had? Will the battle for good or evil prevail? Will Sera do the one thing she wants more than life and that is to keep Nate safe?

This book is the second book in this series the first being Awakening which I really enjoyed. Seraphina’s Initiation certainly does not disappoint. I love the characters and Sheena makes a perfect blend of humor and seriousness and Seraphina and Nate are the perfect blend of strength and vulnerability. This is one story you won’t want to miss.

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