Blistered (A Modern Greek Myth #1) by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Jenni Bishop

Blistered (A Modern Greek Myth #1)Blistered by Deidre Huesmann
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Azalee is a Chertz and is living in a land of Spinels and has been shunned all her life but more so after​ ​a ceremony to honour their Gods. It was at this ceremony that she was touched by the gods and given a curse. A curse that has seen her thrown into and held a prisoner in a deep dark dirt prison. Being touched by a god means she is the Blistered child kept in a dark prison because if she goes into the sunlight she will burn. All she wants is to live with love from her parents and live in a real home as part of a family with her brothers and sisters. Would it be too much to have a family, get to know her siblings and have friends?

Joel is a Spinel and and needs the light to thrive. Joel stumbles upon ancient writings and after many nights studying, he has discovered where the blistered one is meant to be. So after many years he decides he needs to be the one to rescue her so he sets about trying to free her. Joel feels like he will be fulfilling his destiny if he helps Azalee. He must gain her trust and trust is not something she gives freely. But is he trading one prison for another? One hell for another?

As complications arise Joel realises that he should have planned the needs for their adventure a little better than he has. As they journey together they realise all is not what it seems and that a friend is actually a foe. Secrets and lies only prove that Joel’s trust has been severely misplaced. Does Azalee finally find her freedom, friends and love? Will she finally have a family to call her own? Will she finally be free of all the deceit and lies?

This book is an interesting story with a unique mix of Greek mythology and current times. It is full of intrigue, mystery and definite surprises. This story is a fantasy that young adults will love.

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