Keagan (This is Our Life Series #2) by F.G. Adams – Review by Jenni Bishop

Keagan (This is Our Life Series #2)Keagan by F.G. Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Keagan Fontneau knows where his life is headed and that is the same as his Pop, to serve his country. But that means leaving behind the one person who holds his heart, the one who also broke his heart. Keagan and his men are on a mission, one that is plagued with death and destruction. One where trust and betrayal has left him with unimaginable nightmares and has left him a changed man. Keagan has given up on having a truly happy life and lives to work alongside his two best friends who also survived the horrors of war.

Jocelyn Blackwood having lived a life of abuse at the hands of her father is now working as a Psychologist determined to help those who are unable to protect themselves. Help them overcome the tragedies that may plague them. There is only one thing missing in her life and that is the man who held her heart but also the one she shut out of her life many years ago.

Jocelyn and her friend are on their way to a reunion when they become hampered by the weather and need to stop but the one thing she never thought she would ever see again is right there in front of her eyes. Keagan is on a job when he finds himself and his mark caught in the wake of a Hurricane. Having settled in he is once again met with the sight of his angel. After reconnecting Keagan has once again left her. Jocelyn sets about doing her job, that of helping children but finds herself keeping a secret she can share with no one to save the ones she loves.

Can Keagan and his team put a stop to those they are hunting? Will Keagan be able to put aside his past to move on with his future? Can Keagan save the one he loves before she is taken away forever? Will Keagan be able to learn to trust again? Will Jocelyn ever find her forever or will betrayal cause to much damage?

This story is action packed from the very beginning. There are twists and turns around every corner. I enjoyed the first book in the series and this book was just as good a read

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