Travels Through Aqua, Green, and Blue: A Memoir by Mary E. Gregory – Review by Anantha Rusum

Travels Through Aqua, Green, and Blue: A MemoirTravels Through Aqua, Green, and Blue: A Memoir by Mary E. Gregory
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A beautiful and profound piece of work, this book paints a vivid picture of a turbulent childhood of a girl, who is born with a deformity, and had to sail through harsh waters because of the decision her parents had taken. Her mother, takes her children and travels from place to place, running hand to mouth after separating from Mary’s father. She does not bother about cleanliness or food and tosses her children from place to place on the basis of her whims and fancies. The story is about how Mary handles her childhood, and adolescence, her school, her relationships and emerges into a fine young woman who can handle things on her own. This is the story of a girl who had to face the turbulent storms and emerge victorious, a mighty and majestic force with her soul in the right place. This book is a beauty and anyone who has weathered a storm can relate to this book.

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