Head Tripped by Nicole Archer – Review by Debi Kircher

Head-Tripped (Ad Agency #2)Head-Tripped by Nicole Archer
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Head Tripped by Nicole Archer, Ad Agency book 2 of 2.

I would say this could be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the first of this series where you will first meet Effie, as well as some of the others in this book.

I only finished the first book of this series Road Tripped yesterday and fell in love with this author, after reading this one I already want to read them both again.

Effie Murphy, aka f-bomb, a violinist who moves to New York hoping for a brand new start. She’s broken, jobless, and flat broke. Trying to overcome a terrible childhood with an overbearing mother, a twin sister she resented, and a seriously troubled past. She just can not catch a break until one night she is forced to be deceptive and stand in for her twin at an awards ceremony, where she meets Elias.

Elias, aka El Love, is trying to overcome a troubled past and is also the frontman for Urban, one of the hottest rock bands in the world, a band whose concerts are getting stale and in desperate need of some new material. Pressured by his roommate to attend the ceremony he goes along hoping he doesn’t get recognized. He hates the spotlight, he just wants to be normal so is introduced to Effie as the deadbeat out of work musician roommate.

After an incident at the ceremony where Elias helps Effie out, they end up leaving the event where Effie’s antics leave Elias wondering what in the world he is doing with this girl, yet not being able to tear himself away from her. When they end up back at her place, where she makes it clear there will be no funny business between the two of them. The connection is formed at that point through music, he realizes just how talented she is and they end up writing songs together. Then their time together comes to an end. She is heartbroken. He is ok with her believing he is an unemployed nobody because he is leaving in a few days on tour, only problem is he can not quit thinking about her. When he comes up with a way to have her join their band he jumps all over it. Effie, still not having any clue who he really is, when offered the chance to meet him overseas and be a part of what she believes is his “garage band” it only takes a few seconds to go from let me think about it to ok I’ll do it.

How will Effie react when she finds out who he really is? Will she be able to find her place within this group of people so set in their ways? There is a list of rules each member has to follow, these rules set up by Elias way back when they formed the band. The number one rule forces them to hide their growing attraction and relationship, which brings on many hilarious adventures for these two. What happens though when their troubled pasts rear their ugly heads? Can they make it through it? Can the band make it through it? Most important can their hearts make it through it?

I loved loved loved this story. I didn’t find it as LOL funny as the first book but I did find it wrapped deeper in emotion than the first. I fell in love with Effie and Elias..their characters were written beautifully and their stories although tragic in some ways were very touching and written perfectly. I have found myself very protective over my favorite authors and have only added a handful that I will read anything they write no matter what and Nicole Archer has definitely been added to that list. This is only a 5 star read because they won’t let me give any more than that!

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