The Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow- Review by Emma Haverstock

The Demon InsideThe Demon Inside by M.L. Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Demon Inside by M L Sparrow
4/5 Stars
The Demon Inside by M. L. Sparrow is a great science fiction novel that reads like 28 Days Later mixed with I Am Legend (the movie). This book is written in our main character, Darcy’s, point of view and brings more of a feminine perspective to the monster aftermath. Darcy and her boyfriend, Alec, are out celebrating her academic success when the world as they know it ends. Meteors fall from the sky and people start dying and it doesn’t take long to realize that somehow the meteors have turned some people into horrifying monsters. Darcy and Alec, along with a few other survivors, need to find a way to survive this new world and keep the monsters at bay.
At first I thought this was going to go heavy on the romantic theme and I’m glad it didn’t but I enjoyed the devotion of the main characters. Also as a survival enthusiast, I enjoyed reading about some of the challenges the group comes up against that I hadn’t considered before. It did take me a while to realize this book was written by someone from the UK and I had to look up some of the jargon that I couldn’t quite understand from the context. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was some of the pacing. There were sections that were very detailed about the group’s activities and then some parts that ended with the phrase “and blank did just that”. Other than that I enjoyed this book immensely and would absolutely read it again.

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