Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2) by Anna Brooks – Review by Jana Teppih

Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2)Love, Me by Anna Brooks
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Love, Me is the second book in Anna Brooks Pleasant Valley series and I read it as a standalone. It was my first encounter with this writer and I fell in love with her writing! I am looking forward to the third book as we got a glimpse into the characters who will be the leads in the third book already here!
The story captivated me from the start! The way how the writer manages to spellbound you, oh my lord, she sucks you in and doesn’t let go – I literally had to spend my whole Sunday with Vaughn and Rayne, our main characters of this story!
Both of them fight such crazy demons and at times you might ask yourself how on earth do they manage to get up in the morning and face another day and is it really possible for one to have lived all this without anyone stepping in earlier and … yes, it is! We are so good at closing our eyes to other’s suffering and not getting involved (Vaughn’s case) and we are also so great at keeping appearances so that the people closest to us and who should help us, do not even get a hint of what is going on behind the closed doors (Rayne’s case).
The writer was very considerate and caring and the way she puts the words together is like pearls on a strand that just keeps going and giving! Thank you Anna Brooks for this amazing story and please do not keep us waiting too long for the next one!

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