Rule (The Larussio Legacy Book 1) by Via Mari

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Rule (The Larussio Legacy Book 1) by Via Mari

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Genre – Contemporary Romance / Suspense

Page Count – 222 pages

Cover Designer – Suzannah Sanifi

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Katarina Larussio Prestian, left to fulfill her father’s dream after a mafia hit leaves him incapacitated, must first overcome her Italian family’s opposition. It will not be easy. They do not trust her, they have traditions, and they have rules!

Chase Prestian, one of the wealthiest men in the world, has vowed to protect his wife and submissive, but can he allow Katarina the freedom she needs to fight for her father’s legacy after everything he has learned about the Italian don and Katarina’s cousin, Giovanni?

Serena Moretti has lived her life in fear of the Larussios, but when she finds herself in Giovanni Larussio’s employ, the racing of her blood is all consuming, hot and molten. Will she be strong enough to resist the desire coursing through her veins or succumb to the man that has cost her and her family absolutely everything?

Giovanni Larussio, next in line as the Italian don, finds himself caught between mafia family interests and conflicts, personal obligations, and the longing that surges through him every time Serena is near. Will he be able to balance the complexity of his responsibilities and deal with his own personal convictions and desires when he learns the family’s darkest secrets and must take charge to bring order to the family.


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Via Mari was raised in both the United States and United Kingdom and travels extensively. As a child she spent uncountable hours traveling and always enjoyed reading to pass the time and this pattern has continued in her adult life.

In fact, you can still find her curled up in an overstuffed chair, when the wood fire is crackling and popping, reading a page-turning novel until the early hours of the morning, especially during the harsh winters of the Midwestern United States or engrossed in a book as she travels from place to place researching for her own novels, or attending conferences.

Via’s inspiration to publish stemmed from research as she began writing love scenes for her own novels. It became apparent there seemed to be a cultural divide between what people believed was normal or vanilla sexual behavior and that which people considered BDSM and she felt compelled enough to write about the differences, similarities, and extreme feelings and levels of trust individuals in dominant and submissive relationships must have, and the desires that are at the heart of these relationships.





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