The Hazed Series Boxed Set by Brittany Tarkington – Review by Tracy Manderson

The Hazed Series Box SetThe Hazed Series Box Set by Brittany Tarkington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hazed Series Box Set by Brittany Tarkington

4 out of 4 stars

The Hazed series written by Brittany Tarkington is the first book that I have read by this author and it won’t be the last. This is a college romance with secrets, lies, obsession, and addiction all plays a part in this story. The characters are great and well written the plot is great.

Book one
Taylor Thompson life is controlled by a small town and strict father so when she receives an acceptance letter to a university an hour away from home, she can taste her freedom. When Taylor gets to campus, she finds a local bar that’s hiring a waitress she applies and gets the position. However, one bartender leaves her questioning the acceptance of her new job.

Hayze Clark, his dark eyes pierce through your soul, drawing you near. The tattoos bellowing down his arms and the scar lining his left eyebrow keep you at a safe distance; his carefree attitude lures Taylor in. At first, she’s excited for the new, perfect distractions to pull herself from misery.

The closer she gets, the more secrets are revealed, lies are told, and tears are shed. Their relationship falters and Taylor is left unsure if she’s willing to pick up the pieces of this broken guy.

Book two
Taylor spends winter break away; she is certain she is over Hayze. As the first day of spring semester starts and suddenly, he’s everywhere. They share classes, they work together, and now, unfortunately, they live together, Taylor finds herself kicked out f her dorm during the semester she has no where to go so she goes to Hayze and he welcomes her with open arms.
Taylor is determined to keep him at arm’s length, so she lays out the ground rules, but Little does she know, he has other motives for letting her stay.

He still has his secrets and not everything is black and white in his world. Will Hayze ever tell Taylor his secrets? Will his secrets destroy Taylor? Will living together make them or break them?

Book three
Hayze has accepted the universe loathed him long ago. He was accustomed to covering his past and constantly anxious mind with girls, drugs, and alcohol. When Taylor Thompson comes stumbling into a bar, he’s core is shaken. For the first time in his life, he begins to question if what he is doing is right. He begins to develop feelings for her, and It appears she’s into him as well.
He doesn’t want her to know about his past so instead of him showing her that he care’s he lashes out. He is afraid someone will tell her the truth, he’s constantly on edge. With his odd behavior, and constant need to keep her at arm’s length, she begins to connect the dots.

This was a great box set and I highly recommend it.

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