A Quiet Place to Kill (A Kember and Hayes Mystery Book 1) by N.R. Daws – Review by Colleen Noyes

A Quiet Place to KillA Quiet Place to Kill by N.R. Daws
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I borrowed A Quiet Place to Kill by N.R. Daws through Kindle Unlimited and it’s my first book by this author. I choose the book based off of the cover and dove right in. I will say that I almost gave up on this book because the first 40% of it seemed slow but I am so glad that I kept pushing through. By the time I got to 45% in, the book picked up tremendously and it seemed to really come together. I ended up enjoying this book significantly which says some thing because I generally am not a person who likes historical books. This Historical Thriller Crime book taught me so much and opened up my eyes to a whole new genre. I really enjoyed the characters of Kember and Hayes.

Lizzie is a woman before her time, I she was written wonderfully, I love how feisty she was especially for the time period and seeing the potential of what’s to come.

Hayes is also a wonderful character who doesn’t seem to have many hang-ups about the woman’s movement. I felt as if each character was written very realistic, very engaging, and with great purpose.

While the main premise of this book is about crime and murder I appreciated what a front burner it took in regards to the women’s movement and women not having to only be kept barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. I felt the author did a tremendous job of making it part of the forefront, but doing it with class and style.

This was an easy four-star read for me and I can’t wait to move on to book 2.

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