Distorted Love (Dark Intentions Duet Book 1) by T.L. Smith – Review by Jenni Bishop

Distorted Love (Dark Intentions, #1)Distorted Love by T.L. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Distorted Love (Dark Intentions Duet Book 1) by T.L. Smith is a book that you will love and hate. TL has done a great job with this story where two who shouldn’t love each other but do. Every time he pushes, breaks her a little more, until she is broken beyond repair. He has chosen someone she once loved. He was the one who came between them. Life will never be the same for them. Love has never hurt so much. How did she get mixed up in things? How could she let it happen? Now she is to be a pawn in this messed up world, one she may never walk away from. One that may change her forever.

OMG this is one book that is a must read. It ends before you want it to but you know there is one more book to finish the tale coming. I need to get my hands on it now. I need to know what happens…..

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