A Single Girl’s Guide to Paris by Raven Gale – Review by Angela Hayes

A Single Girl's Guide to ParisA Single Girl’s Guide to Paris by Raven Gale
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A Single Girl’s Guide to Paris is the first book in the Single girl series by Raven Gale (S. Lawrence). It is an erotic romance, with a little adventure to keep things interesting. The story is sexy, fun, and entertaining. I love the synopsis of the story- a single girl’s traveling adventures, which she then uses to write her travel blog, who meets Mr. tall, tattooed and hunky with a dark/dangerous vibe. He has his own reasons for traveling, which we also get to follow over the course of the story. This book essentially has two storylines which blend together into a great read.
I do wish the book was a just a little bit longer, as some of the paragraphs were a little rushed, and at times felt cut short. I still really enjoyed the story and am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series- but I did feel that this story may have suffered just a little in the author’s attempt to confine it to a novella.
The characters are so likeable and interesting. They drew me in immediately and had me clamoring for more. Their chemistry was nothing short of electric and they certainly had the ‘sizzle ‘factor! I loved Ember, and Carter is just drool-worthy. It is such a great premise, and with just a little tweaking, this story could be soar to a red hot 10 star read!
I am intrigued with what the author has coming up next, as we follow Ember to Venice! Bring on Book #2!

Thank you, Ms. Gale!


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