Here Without You by Jennifer L. Allen – Review by Sue Kemp

Here Without YouHere Without You by Jennifer L. Allen

Here Without You
Author Jennifer L. Allen
5 Stars

Five Years Previously
Anna and her sister Ronnie were out shopping for Ronnie’s prom dress. Anna loved the clothes that Ronnie always picked and used her fashion sense when it came to picking her own clothing. After the dress had been picked Ronnie wanted to go buy a new lipstick and the girls decided to meet up for coffee in the mall. Before Anna left the shop, she got a phone call from Ryan her boyfriend, he was telling her he missed her and could he crash the girl day out. All was quiet in the mall with the shopper doing their own thing when gun shots rang out sending people scattering for safety. Suddenly Anna felt some one on top of her and struggled until she realised it was Ryan laying his body over hr to protect her. When the shooting was, all done Anna saw, Ronnie laying on the ground injured. This day would change everyone’s lives.

Five Years Later
Not being able to cope with what had happened Anna left her family and Ryan breaking his heart. Anna was now living in Seattle she missed her family and Ryan a lot. One night on her at home she heard a man’s voice calling her name, ignoring it she continued to walk to the bus stop when she heard the voice again realizing it was Ryan of all people. Ryan was dismayed as how she looked, and asked her if she wanted something to eat and drink but she told him no. To get her out of the cold her took her back to his hotel where they sat in the lobby talking. Anna suddenly burst into tears telling Ryan she wanted to go home, he thought she meant to her apartment but in fact she meant Lakeside. That wasn’t a problem for Ryan he told her he would take her after his friend wedding.

Anna and Ryan re-established their relationship and knew that the love they had for each other had never gone away. Anna was counting down the days until Ryan was coming back state side and decided to surprise him at the airport. However, the surprise would be on her. What she didn’t know was that Ryan had a little girl, he wanted to tell her face to face but she saw him hug the little girl and a woman she assumed to be his wife. Thinking he was married she angry and upset and left the airport. Ryan could not work out why he had not heard from her and went to hr college and saw her walking with another man. Both are angry with each other; would they be able to get through this and would Anna take Ryan back when he finally tells her about Charlotte his daughter and Kelsey his little girls mother.

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