Make Me Yours by Charity Ferrell – Review by Debi Kircher

Make Me YoursMake Me Yours by Charity Ferrell
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Make Me Yours by Charity Ferrell

Stella Mendes, a TV star whose long running series came to an end so she has decided to try her hand at movies. Being brought up in the business she never got to enjoy her childhood as her Mom had her in the spotlight from an early age. She has given up on love because a long term relationship she had ended very badly. She has an awesome best friend that is also her assistant named Willow. Her longtime bodyguard, Dallas was forced to resign so that he could go home and be with his wife and daughter. He brings in his brother Hudson to temporarily take his place until they can hire someone else.

Hudson Barnes, a Marine that just returned home after a 9 month deployment on his 2nd tour overseas. He’s from a small town in Iowa where everybody knows everybody and he loves it. Its home, and he is very close to his parents, his sister and his brother. Family is everything to him. The last thing he wants to do is fly off to LA to “follow around some fancy-ass, high maintenance chick”. His brother guilts him into taking the job temporarily and he agrees to 2 months. Hudson has also given up on love since he returned home to find his fiance is now planning a wedding with his now ex best friend.

The sparks are immediate when Stella and Hudson first meet. The connection is undeniable the more time they spend together. It doesn’t take long for Hudson to realize that he may have rushed to judgement when it comes to Stella. Both Hudson and Stella are so close to rethinking the giving up on love as their attraction to each other just gets stronger. Her contract holds some pretty strong stipulations that don’t make a lot of sense to Hudson and is an issue that he might not be able to get past. When Hudson receives a phone call and has to rush home because of a family emergency Stella joins him. Although they aren’t aware of it, so does the paparazzi. What happens next broke my heart and at the same time made me so angry I was yelling at my kindle. Can these two that have serious trust issues get past everything that lies ahead for them, and even if they do can these two people who are complete opposites make it work?

I double loved this book. I love this author and although this was my first book by her, it will absolutely not be my last. I am just hoping that there is another book coming in this series. I want more Stella, Hudson, Willow and the Barnes family. 5 Stars aren’t enough for this book 🙂

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