Mercy & Mayhem (Men of Mercy #6.5; Operation Mayhem, #0.5) by Lindsay Cross – Review by Jana Teppih

Mercy & Mayhem (Men of Mercy #6.5; Operation Mayhem, #0.5)Mercy & Mayhem by Lindsay Cross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mercy & Mayhem by Lindsay Cross is the first book in her Operation Mayhem series that probably can be classified as a spin-off of her Men of Mercy series. I have not read the Men of Mercy series but I got a feeling while reading Mercy & Mayhem that many of the men in the Task Force Scorpion have had their stories already and I might have benefitted of knowing them but well, I managed without that and got a real kick out of this book.
It was hell of a ride that Marley and Mack took us on while going after the elusive Mr. J (a traitor who has been tinkering with a serum and creating super soldiers). I like this kind of genre where you deal with ‘mad scientists’ who want to manipulate the genes and create super soldiers/assassins etc.
I found the insta-love/lust between Marley and Mack a bit over the top but I could see how it fit in the story line. At no point felt I that I can put the book down and walk away. There is a lot of emotion and guilt and healing and action and heat in this book so there is no boring moment!
There are quite a few openings here for several potential books so the writer leaves you pondering and asking yourself ‘who will be next’, ‘what will happen next’, ‘where will we go from here’…. It is a good way to finish and I personally am looking forward to the next story!

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