Project 99 (Perfect Human Book 1) by C.S. Patra – Review by Jana Teppih

Project 99 (Perfect Human Book 1)Project 99 by C.S. Patra
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Project 99 is the first book in C. S. Patra’s Perfect Human series. It was my first encounter with this writer. It is a cool science fiction piece that is taking its story line from the well-known concept of human desire for a perfect child. Of course, as it is about how we go after it then Project 99 is one version of it!
It took me a while to get into the story, there were different things happening from the beginning but for some reason it was not holding my attention. The story itself is well written, it was simply that I had hard time to relate to it. Maybe it was the concept, I am not sure …. Maybe it was the sometimes awkward dialogue, maybe it was something about the flow of the story …
When looking at the story objectively, I can say that if you are science fan and like science fiction fantasy then you might find this story intriguing and when you are done with the book then you might be wondering what comes next, how will the ‘eight’ go about fighting back! It is also interesting how you get the story through so many voices, the writer did a good job with merging all these different characters.
It is a solid start for a series dealing with such an intriguing concept. I mean, considering how much progress is done in science every day, maybe … just maybe … all this is already happening? Ever thought that?

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