Playing for Love (Playing Series, Book 2) by Ashlie Knapp – Review by Jenni Bishop

Playing for Love (Playing Series, Book 2)Playing for Love by Ashlie Knapp
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All Cassie Randall has ever wanted to do is help kids, kids with secrets the same as she is hiding. Secrets she has that have haunted her every day of her life. Secrets that ensures she will never trust a man, never have a relationship, never have a family. Cassie finally left her home in Alaska and her secret behind her when she moved to Oklahoma. In Oklahoma she has found a life she has fought hard to build and she has the most amazing best friends, Callie and Aria who are her family now. Cassie is studying hard to be a teacher, in fact she is nearly finished her study and is getting class time which she is loving. Teaching is her calling and her students adore her. Cassie is always studying but her best friends have decided she needs to put the books down for a while and learn to start living life, have a little fun, find a boy. Cassie does not need a distraction, does not need a man, does not need a complication but she is finding that someone or something is getting under her skin.

Jamal Jenkins had to grow up fast as a teenager, much sooner than someone that age should have to do. He is the point guard for the Thunder basketball team and is good at it. He is in the lime light and is portrayed as a player, a ladies man, a womaniser but if only they knew. Jamal would like nothing more than to live a quiet life with his family, his friends, with the people he loves. Jamal finds himself thinking of more than his next game, more than his responsibilities, he is distracted in a way he never thought was possible for him, something or someone is getting under his skin.

Can Jamal convince Cassie believe that he is a good guy? Can he convince her that he can be trusted? Will Cassie finally give in to her heart and finally trust the man before her? Will Cassie finally find love? Will Cassie’s secret finally catch up to her?

Ashlie Knapp has written another good story. The characters make you feel with them, laugh with them, cry with them. You feel a connection with each one of them and drawn into the story with them. Well worth the read.

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