Beneath the Secrets (Enigma #5) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Jenni Bishop

Beneath the Secrets (Enigma #5)Beneath the Secrets by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beneath the Secrets is the fifth book in the Enigma series and it could be read as a standalone if you have had a chance to read the others. I would however recommend that you read them all in order so that you get the background and the whole story.

Hugo is struggling to find a job after returning from a tour in Afghanistan where he is suffering from PTSD amongst other things. He has kept to himself and doesn’t want to talk about it nor deal with it. Hugo’s sister Jorgie is engaged to Hugo’s best friend and has always wanted to see Hugo happy and settled down. Hugo has always had a crush on one girl and that girl is now standing before him. For the first time in six years he sees Ava, not the girl he knew back then that always set his pulse racing but the woman before him has sure changed a lot in that time. With just one flash of her amazing smiles see Hugo trying to impress this new Ava.

Ava had always had a good relationship with Hugo and boy did she ever have a crush on him but that was six years ago, before she was torn away from the town and people she loved. Now they are both back in the same town and Ava thought she had put those feelings to rest. But just one look at Hugo and she knows she is in trouble. It seems Hugo has decided to set his sights on her and she is more than happy to let it happen. Just when it seems like everything is looking good for the two, they are torn apart when tragedy strikes.

Will Hugo’s mistake cost him everything? Will he finally wake up and see what is right in front of him? Will he walk away from the only good thing left in his life? Will Ava be able to forgive the mistakes? Will the two ever have a future together?

This story is bit of an emotional roller coaster ride. At times you will be laughing out loud and the next you will be sobbing. I am now off to read the next installment. Enjoy!!

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