Deadly Perceptions (The Portal Prophecies #5) by C.A. King – Review by Jenni Bishop

Deadly Perceptions (The Portal Prophecies #5)Deadly Perceptions by C.A. King
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This is the fourth installment of The Portal Prophecies, Deadly Perceptions. Each book has revealed a little more to the mysteries that surround Willow and her friends and foes and the truly enchanting world she lives in. Through the many trials and tribulations she has had to endure we see Willow becoming stronger and surer of herself in a way that she never has before. C.A has shown that she has a unique knack for writing multiple story lines, whilst at the same time managing to keep you on your toes every step of the way. You are so wrapped up in the story that before you know it, it has come to an end.

At the end of book three we see Willow separated from her friends and those closest to her. Book four picks right up and we see a young girl becoming a young woman whose growth both personal and magical is amazing everyone. Willow is still in the world of the elves and discovers that you can not judge a book by it’s cover. Somethings so beautiful could mean death. Some things lost may become found. Some things thought myths maybe real. Foes could be friends and friends could be foes. It seems that King Cornelius is still up to his tricks but has upped the anti and he is not the only evil threatening to destroy and rule the worlds.

Whilst Willow is stuck on the world of elves we discover, through the help of her friends left behind that there is more behind the goings on and that Willow is and has always been smack bang in the centre of things, time after time. Will Willow be able to finish her journey? Will she discover things once thought lost? Will she be able to find the helps she needs? Will a right choice be the wrong choice?

There are many interesting twists and turns in this fast paced gripping story that has you spellbound. It is one jammed packed fantasy and folklore abound book that you will not want the story to end. I am hanging for the next installment.

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