Falling Over (Falling Duet, #1) by Melody Jones – Review by Jenni Bishop

Falling Over (Falling Duet, #1)Falling Over by Melody Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Falling Over by Melody Jones a wonderful short and sweet story with characters you can relate to. It is a fun novella based around Emma who has been downtrodden with her previous relationships with men and has decided to work on being happy for right now. One night stand? Maybe? Long term relationship? Not right now. Mr Right? Does he even exist?

Emma is spending the weekend with her best friend and her husband at the lake, where there are are promises of relaxation, fun, sun, men, boats and water. Will Emma’s fears stop her from having a good time? Will Emma find herself making new friends? Will Emma finally find something she has stopped looking for?

Emma has insecurities and fears that stem from her childhood but Emma has never made the connection. That is until she meets someone who made her see she has been looking at her life all wrong. His different outlook on life as a whole is a nice surprise. The way this person perceives their life makes Emma sit back and take a look at her life. Will Emma find her happily ever after after one not so lonesome marooned night? Can a falling star answer all your prayers?

Looking for a read that is fun and sweet with a little bit of sexy? Then Falling Over is just what the doctor ordered. This is a quick read that you will be able to finish in one afternoon. So grab the book a drink or two and enjoy Melody’s great little story that will leave you enjoying the ride.

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