Duplicity (St. Fleur #3) by A.J. Renee – Review by Jana Teppih

Duplicity (St. Fleur #3)Duplicity by A.J. Renee
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Duplicity is the third book in A.J. Renee’s St. Fleur series and I absolutely loved it! I was counting down they days until I could read it! I fell in love with her city of St. Fleur in Louisiana while reading the previous books and I could not wait for her to grace us with Jaime Lynn and Jesse’s story!
So, Duplicity is the story of Jaime Lynn and Jesse, the story spans actually multiple years, in a way, and I loved how much we learn about our characters thanks to the way how the writer takes us on the journey of two people finally finding each other. I had waited for their story for such a long time! The writer kept us teasing in the first two books so I knew when I got the book that I had to put aside enough time to be able to inhale it in one go! (like an addict!).
I loved both of the characters – Jaime Lynn with her expectations that everyone leaves and no one stays and her strength and business acumen and her loyalty to her friends and her love of her little sister and her doubts and insecurity when it comes to Jesse … and Jesse, his secrets and his strength and his heartache and his love and his willingness to finally fight for what and whom he loves!
I think that A.J. Renee simply gets better with every single book in this series and I am so looking forward to the next one! I wonder who it will be about. Jamie Lynn’s little sister Charlie or … Pick up a copy and you will not regret! You will enjoy the time you will be spending with our friends in St. Fleur, Louisiana!

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