Love on the Cape, an On the Cape novel (Cape Van Buren, #1) by M.K. Meredith – Review by Jenni Bishop

Love on the Cape, an On the Cape novel (Cape Van Buren, #1)Love on the Cape, an On the Cape novel by M.K. Meredith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love On The Cape by MK Meredith is the first book in the On the Cape, Cape Van Buren series. This is the second book from this author that I have read and I enjoy her stories very much. This is a sweet and sad story where we see both our main characters in great need of love and healing, moving forward and learning from their pasts. MK has written a beautiful story that is filled with lots of emotions, love and laughter.

Larkin Sinclair is trying to move forward after a major tragedy but she doesn’t know how. How can she let go of the past when that is where she wants to be. How can she let go of the past when that is when she loved with all her heart. Now when she finds those memories in jeopardy she must fight for what she believes is right. But is she fighting for the right reasons? Will she lose all she has left of a past she can not move on from? Will she find a way to save her beautiful memories of the Cape? Will the one thing she decides to fight be the one thing that can save her?

Ryker Van Buren knows what he needs to do in order for him to let go of past so dark he can barely breathe. But is it the right thing? To let go of the past he needs to destroy his family’s home, the one that held both wonderful and horrible memories at the same time but sadly the horrible seems to have won out. Will Ryker ever be free of the terror he went through as a child? Will destroying his family’s home help him to let go of the past? Just when things are starting to look up for him, everything he has worked towards comes crashing down, when a green eyed beauty comes into his life. Is his happiness worth more than hers? Is she someone who can finally help him heal? Is he someone who can make her heal? Will the fight be too much and keep them away from each other for ever?

This sweet yet sad story broke my heart and yes there were tears. I was unable to tear myself away until I had finished the entire book. I can not wait to see what MK Meredith has in store for us next!

This book is definitely 5 stars.

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