Spy Thy Neighbor (Enigma, #7) by Shandi Boyes – Review by Shannon Fowler

Spy Thy Neighbor (Enigma #7)Spy Thy Neighbor by Shandi Boyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spy Thy Neighbor gives us a funny twist to voyeurism. This book while steamy and hot was funny and heart-warming as well. This book is book seven in the Enigma Series but can be read as a standalone. I suggest reading the entire series because everyone loves a good story. For those of you that have read Shandi Boyes’ other Enigma books, you know of Hunter Kane. You know the following to be true not only for Hunter but all of Boyes’ leading men!

“Hunter should come with a warning because once you’ve been swept into the Hunter vortex, there is no possibility of being discharged from it.”

Paige is our leading lady and has fallen into Hunter’s vortex rather quickly. She is an author with writer’s block. Luckily enough, she has a little money and the time to travel, with the hopes of finding a muse and unblocking her words. Enter Hunter! However, Hunter has other plans, mostly to just be friends. You must read this to find out how that works for them!

I loved watching Paige learn to love and appreciate herself. You can tell she was hurt by her past but not so devastated that she could move on and grow. With Hunter’s “friendship” she learns many things.

“Just like the carefree Paige who only emerges in Hunter’s presence, a new, unstiffened Paige surfaces in the bedroom as well.”

I highly recommend this story, with or without the rest of the series. But you can read my other reviews highly recommending the entire series.

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