Beautiful Masterpiece (Thin Red Lines, #1) by Gen Ryan – Review by Jana Teppih

Beautiful Masterpiece (Thin Red Lines, #1)Beautiful Masterpiece by Gen Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beautiful Masterpiece by Gen Ryan is the first book in her Thin Red Line series and she absolutely crushed me! It is hard to find words to describe what I felt when reading this book. The writer has created a story that is dark and twisted and at the same time, she has thrown in some romance …
It is a story of Maddie and Scott and Liam in the Chaos created by a monster … Scott is the tough boy next door who kicks ass and plays by the book and who saved Maddie when she was a kid … Liam, the beautiful broken Liam … until the end, I hoped that there was a way for him to be saved …
My word, the writer has a mind I do not even want to delve into, she sucks you in, she gives you every characters thoughts when she writes from their point of view … she drags you along on a rollercoaster, you scream and you cry and you simply cannot put the book down until you are in the end, until you know, for sure, whether evil laughs in victory or whether the humanity still has a chance … The darkness that lives within us all, the evil that surrounds us … the innocence that is robbed … the sacrifice that is willingly given to protect … I cannot wait to read the next masterpiece!

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