Beautiful Masterpiece (Thin Red Lines, #1) by Gen Ryan – Review by Jenni Bishop

Beautiful Masterpiece (Thin Red Lines, #1)Beautiful Masterpiece by Gen Ryan
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Beautiful Masterpiece is the first book in the Thin Red Lines series by Gen Ryan. The story is very deep and dark, twisted and disturbing, terrifying and truly intense. Gen Ryan gives you a look into the twisted minds and souls of those who have been lost to the darkness. It is a psychological thriller that captures you and you can’t let go, much like a horror that you watch behind you fingers but can’t turn it off. Gen writes in different points of view which helps you find the deeper meaning behind each character, it definitely helps the story flow and melds it together nicely.

Maddison is a haunted young woman who had a horrific childhood that she is trying to run away from and lead a normal. But what is normal? Normal is not the serial killer father who killed her mother and got caught just shy of murdering her too. Normal is not looking over your shoulder and experiencing fear from a man who has escaped jail and is now playing with her.

Liam is a haunted young man who had a horrible childhood that he is trying to run away from and lead a normal life. But what is normal? Normal is not the dark thoughts he has. Normal is not acting on those dark thoughts and the voices he can’t keep at bay. His past haunts him but he has just found the one thing that may save him.

Scott is a knight in shining armour, he has not stopped thinking about the little girl who lived next door, the little girl he saved from certain death. Now he is face to face with the past and his job is to protect her at all costs, even if it is from herself.

My emotions were all over the place as I read this story and you find yourself getting attached with these characters. I enjoyed the whole thrill of the chase game throughout the story. There is a lot of dark and terrible things happen in this book that could be triggers for some people so tread carefully but if you like something dark and twisted then this is the book is for you.

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