Dream Me by Kathryn Berla – Review by Angela Shirley

Dream MeDream Me by Kathryn Berla
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dream me is a story about a girl called Babe who dreams at night of a boy called Zat, but each dream she has feels like they are becoming real.

Babe is a girl who is constantly the new girl, he father is a golf pro and travels around the country finding jobs in Country Clubs to support his family. Babe has never real seen the outside world other that through the eyes of the Country Clubs she has been a part of. She is a strong character and makes friends easily.

Zat is none is his world as a dreamer, instead of wanting to space travel like the majority of people on his planet, he has always been fascinated with the world of time travel. His Uncle with his family are all set to space travel but Zat is awaiting his date.

This story is written in quite a few per of the main characters which sometimes becomes a bit confusing. You will have a chapter where Babe is writing her blog, then you get a point of view of them together in the dream state, then you get Zat’s point of view. I really like the idea of the time traveller and him being attracted to Babe and her experiences but I thought it did not gel together very well. Although this was a distraction from the book I enjoyed the premise of the book and that the idea was intriguing which made me read on through the book.

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