Fractured Past (Talnarin #1) by D.E. Chapman – Review by Jenni Bishop

Fractured Past (Talnarin #1)Fractured Past by D.E. Chapman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fractured Past is the first book in the A Talnarin Novel Series by D.E. Chapman and her debut novel. It is a new adult, fantasy, science fiction book that had me a little unsure in the very beginning but once I settled into the story it captured my attention and held it till the very end.

The main character Alanna, is fighting for her life, where we see a lot of flashbacks as she tells us her very painful and horrific story. Alanna doesn’t seem to know just who she is any more, what she is capable of nor what she can and can’t do with a power she didn’t ask for and can not control. She is a very determined, capable and strong young woman even after all her mistreatment. She no longer knows who she can trust but finds herself in need of help. Alana finds herself in a world where everyone is capable of doing things she never dreamed of or knew existed. But just as she finds some sort of “normalcy” she finds that her very existence is seen as a threat and she must prove that she is not the enemy and that she knows more about the enemy that could help those who hold her captive. If only they would listen to her. If only she can survive long enough to reach her ultimate goal.

This story is well written and full of action, mystery and lots of suspense and I can’t wait to see what DE has in store for us in the next book..

This book is a 4 star read.

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