Best of my Love by N.D. Jackson – Review by Jenni Bishop

Best of my LoveBest of my Love by N.D. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Best Of My Love: (Love in Emerald Creek) by N.D. Jackson is the first book I have read by this author and is a lovely contemporary romance story. This story draws you in and with the characters being well written it had me hooked me from the very beginning. So much so I didn’t want to put down. The author did a great job making me feel exactly what the characters were going through, so much so that my emotions all over the place. You will find yourself laughing, feeling sad and frustrated right along with them.

Our main character in this story is Dre who is a sassy but successful woman who takes no prisoners and says things without a filter making you crack up with laughter. Dre was hurt and has vowed it will never happen again. But when she comes face to face with her old flame will she give him another chance or will old wound run too deep? Will they get a second chance at love?

Grab a copy and settle in for a good read.

This is a 4 star read

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