Second Chances by Roux Cantrell – Review by Jenni Bishop

Second ChancesSecond Chances by Roux Cantrell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second Chances by Roux Cantrell is a story all about getting a second chance at both life and love. This is my first story by this author and it totally broke my heart for what the main character went through but I absolutely loved this story. Roux’s writing style is easy and flows well making you feel every step of the way and the characters are so life like that you will fall in love with them. You will feel a myriad of emotions whilst reading this book. You will find yourself laughing and crying, frustrated and yet hopeful.

Frankie had great friends and life she was happy with until one day turned into a nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from. That one tragic day that changed her life forever. It would be the day she had to fight to survive. The day when she would be broken.

Gauge is a broken man who is fighting his own demons. Demons he can’t keep at bay. Demons that haunt him day and night. Demons that stop him from having a normal life.

Will these two be able to connect? Will the demons keep them from finding what they truly want?

You will find yourself getting lost in this story and hoping for a HEA. Even after finishing this story I was finding myself still thinking about them, the emotions definitely pack a punch. This is one book you do not want to miss and you will kick yourself if you don’t. I can’t wait to read the next one. Hopefully there is a next one!

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