A Chance Worth Taking (Cedarville #5) by Bree Kraemer – Review by Jana Teppih

A Chance Worth Taking (Cedarville #5)A Chance Worth Taking by Bree Kraemer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Chance Worth Taking by Bree Kreamer is the fifth book in her Cederville series and it is another hit! I have read the previous book and it was such a pleasure to meet some new people in this small town of Cederville and also meet up with the old friends!
This romantic story is the story of Avery Davies and Dax Lange and both of them have a pretty heavy baggage that they are carrying around. Avery is a newcomer in the area and she is ready to put down the roots! Dax has always lived in Cedarville and after a wild youth he found his way and is seemingly on top of the world except that when he meets Avery, his world goes topsy turvy!
It is a fast paced book and you will run a gamut of emotions while reading it! Grab a glass of wine and join the ladies of Cedarville while enjoying the pleasures of small town living! I love the sense of hope and certainty of happy ending that the writer is a master of creating! I know that I will be looking forward to the next story taking

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