A Prickly Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Tracy Manderson

A Prickly Christmas KissA Prickly Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Prickly Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott

5 out of 5 stars
This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Abbott but also the first book in the Christmas kiss series and I really enjoyed this short love story that had me laughing and rereading certain parts. I loved the setting and the small town that looks after their own and has amazing trust. The way Ms. Abbot descried the rustic setting and the isolation was perfect. The characters where well developed and the story line is amazing.
This story starts off with Emma Louise Fallon, aka Elf on her way to meet her girlfriend for a Christmas get away. Anything scape her well-meaning family and her ex-boyfriend. Now she on her way to a cold isolated cabin when she gets a call from said girlfriend informing Elf she won’t be-able to meet her after all.
Elf decides to head to the cabin and makes one more desperate wish: Can she please learn how to build a fire before she freezes to death? The solo rustic life is becoming all too much for her.
She’s convinced that a stray cat, who has decided to keep her company, has magical powers, that the local shop owners are secretly Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and nothing can stop her from laughing when the hot local Martian /come cop /come veterinarian introduces himself as Rudi.
Elf has sworn off all men so when she meets Rudi she feels things that make her act and talk crazy and by defense Rudi provokes the craziness as they fight their attraction for each other.
Will Elf give into her attraction to Rudi or will she stand by her no man rule. Will Rudi show Elf that she can rely on him to help her start the fire? Will Elf get burned or will she get the happily ever after with Rudi.
I really enjoyed this short funny read and can’t wait to read A Tangy Christmas Kiss book two of this series.
Tracy Manderson

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