Beachcomber Test (Beachcomber Investigations #7) by Stephanie Queen – Review by Jana Teppih

Beachcomber Test (Beachcomber Investigations #7)Beachcomber Test by Stephanie Queen
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Beachcomber Test by Stephanie Queen is the 7th book in her Beachcomber Investigations series that is fondly called “a romantic detective series”. This is my first read and as I have always been a fan of detective stories I jumped in feet first (why the hell not when the leads are a tough and gorgeous ex-Scotland Yard detective and an ex-special ops legend working as a private-eye on Martha’s Vineyard. I guess you could read this story as a standalone like I did but after finishing it, I have to admit, I wish I had read at least some of the stories before!
This particular story is a simple divorce case turning into a dangerous affair and I am sure the ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise cursed the day when the gorgeous ex-Scotland Yard Shana George made him crazy enough to take the follow-the-cheating-spouse case!
I loved their chemistry; I loved their idiosyncrasies, their perception of each other, their drive, their close friends and their local ‘fans’. I promise you couple of phenomenal hours where you laugh and bite your nails and once you get to the end, you will seriously consider giving yourself a Christmas present aka the first 6 books and novellas of the Beachcomber Investigations! You will not regret! And you might even start considering a short trip over to the Vineyard …

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