Alexa Series, Volume One by T.R. Cupak – Review by Debi Kircher

Alexa Series, Vol. One (Alexa, #1-2)Alexa Series, Vol. One by T.R. Cupak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alexa Series, Volume One by T.R. Cupak
5 Stars, but deserves so many more!
This author has snuck up on me and has me all kinds of messed up. This is my second read by her this week, and the first one about ruined me…this one has taken what was left and shattered me. I can not put my finger on what it is about this author’s writing style but it is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever read, I have favorites, and they will remain favorites, but Miss Cupak holds a new favorite spot in my heart.
This story was amazing…the twists and turns in Alexa’s life had me sitting on the edge of my seat the entire book. Her friendship with Devin was so awesomely written and I loved that it didn’t stay a perfect friendship, it had its ups and downs and time apart. I had mixed feelings about Alexa’s new neighbor Ethan, I just wasn’t sure which way his character was gonna go and the part he was going to play in Alexa’s life. The devastating events that Alexa has to endure in this book were mindblowing, losing her parents in an earthquake had me in tears, and Im having a really hard time writing this review because it’s all still so fresh and I’m so afraid I will give too much away. You have to experience this book the way I did, I did not even read the synopsis, I just knew that after reading her book Jordans Shadow that it didn’t matter what the synopsis said I was reading this. This is broke up into two books, and I keep forgetting that because I don’t even remember where the break between the two were, I just know it flowed so perfectly that it felt like one.
I do know that more characters came into play during the second, Alexas twin best friends Jessa and Becca who were completely awesome became a much bigger part of the second story and then there was Sebastian, a friend? Or business associate of her fathers? Alexa is unsure but a letter left by her father told her to trust this man known as Viper. This brought in a different twist to this story, but this man quickly became one of my favorite parts of this book, as well as Jeremy, who gets brought in to the mix by Sebastian, and his part in Alexa’s life also became one of my favorite things in this book.
I have to stop, Im rambling and going in different directions because I just don’t know what to say…This was one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read, there’s so much going on but it is all centered around Alexa, Devin, and Ethan. I cried so hard so many times in this book, and the epilogue left me wanting so so much more, I can not wait to see how some of the twists in this book still play out.
LOVED LOVED LOVED it and am now a forever fan of this author..She is amazing!!

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