Flowers in December by Jane Suen – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Flowers in DecemberFlowers in December by Jane Suen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Flowers in December by Jane Suen tells the story of a young man, Connor, returning to the town where he grew up to bury his mother. Having spent most of his adult life working hard to keep away from the town (for reasons that become clearer towards the end of the book), he faces guilt at having not returned more frequently while his parents were alive and once again has a chance to spend some time in town as he sorts out his parents’ possessions and gets to know the people who were important to them. The change of pace also prompts him to begin to think critically about his lifestyle and the choices that he has made along the way.
It’s a charming book, with a loveable cast of characters (Tom the cat is probably my favourite, with elderly neighbour Mrs Rainer in close second). Suen approaches the theme of grief sensitively and doesn’t sugar-coat it.
Although on the shorter side, the story seems to be just the right length. I didn’t feel, like so often with shorter books, that it ended abruptly and equally it didn’t drag on.
For me, this book gets five out of five stars. I enjoyed reading it and had difficulty putting it down. I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something short and satisfying with a focus on friendships (although there is also a little romance).

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