Echoes (The Pria Chronicles, #1) by Shannon Rieger – Review by Jenni Bishop

Echoes (The Pria Chronicles, #1)Echoes by Shannon Rieger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michaels life changed when he was six years old. When he woke from a coma his world had gone from normal to strange. No one knows his secret, he has worked hard to hide what he had become. No one knows how or why the change happened and they also didn’t know what he could see, smell, hear, feel. He thought he had seen it all and had interpreted it to the best he knew how. But things just keep on getting stranger. Michael has a special bond with his cat, Henry. Henry drives him mad but he is his best friend. Michael is secretly in love with Avery, a girl from school, but she has a boyfriend, Greyson. They are inseparable, never seen apart. Michael starts to discover that Greyson may be more than he appears but can not confirm it. Greyson and Avery also have secrets that came to them when they were young. They have sworn never to use them again. Avery has held a secret love for Michael and Greyson encourages her to go for it. But just as she makes her move, Michael decides he has to go away to protect her. Can Michael and Greyson save her.

The relationship between Michael and his cat is hilarious. This story is full of weird and strange things. The world in which the writer has created is definitely unique. If you like weird and strange then this book is for you.

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