Bet Me Something (Something, #3) by Aubrey Bondurant – Review by Jana Teppih

Bet Me Something (Something, #3)Bet Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bet Me Something is the third book in the Something series by Aubrey Bondurant and I have read all three of them and am impatiently waiting for the 9th of February when the fourth book is coming out!
WARNING! It is a highly addictive series and every time you finish a book you start thinking of characters you encountered that you hope that Ms Bondurant would give their own book to! I know Catherine is coming next but what about Mark and Will and… you get my drift! You become an addict thinking of your next fix.
As I have read all three books in the series, it feels as if the writing is getting better and better with each book, Ms Bondurant has truly grown into her craft and there is nothing in the book that I would take away or have an issue with or… I think she is great with building the story, showing how Kenzie is growing into herself and finding out what it is that she is supposed to be doing with her life, standing up for herself, her love…and Colby, a man child, vulnerable and playboy, needing to grow up and stop hiding and take a stand… Ms Bondurant does not write about being perfect and having everything come easy, she writes about that we need to work for what we want and what we deserve!
Some might say that the book is too long but I disagree, the journey to find one self is not short, relationships that last are not short so how could a book conveying all it to be short (also, I looove long books). I had to compromise a bit on my sleep but it was so worth it! If you work, I suggest plan a weekend with the book and tell your friends that you are not available! You will not regret it!
You can read Bet Me Something without having read the first two books but I really recommend to read the other two as well (they are available on Kindle Unlimited…. hint, hint…), you will get so much more out of the series when you read all three books.
SO, now I need somehow manage to last until the 9th of February – only 3 more weeks …. And then I will find out what Ms Bondurant has in store for Catherine…. hmm… I wonder what ….

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