The Girl Worth Fighting For (The Girl Series #2) by Julia Goda – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Girl Worth Fighting For (The Girl Series, #2)The Girl Worth Fighting For by Julia Goda
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Riley spent her life idolising one man. The one man in the world who she thought would never let her down. But on that one fateful night her world, as she knew it, no longer existed. The one thing she loved most in the world was taken from her. Ten years later she has built a life for herself, but only with walls in place to keep her heart safe. Her rules would keep her safe from having to feel again. Wouldn’t they? Working as a Social Worker with troubled teens is her passion. She shares a piece of herself with them. Never letting anyone get close except the two friends she has let in. But one man, Logan, is determined to break down those walls and make her his. He knows he has his work cut out for him. He wants to know who and what has caused her heartache and make it right. Finding out her mother is sick again is a shock but finding the man she is coming to love, with the man her turned her life upside down 10 years ago, is an even bigger shock. Can she ever trust either of them again or will she let her past haunt her too much to ruin what she has now.

This is a great story with so many ups and downs. You really feel for the characters. Sometimes getting a little misty eyed. I recommend this book to anyone.

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