First Kill (Heaven Sent #1) by Mary Abshire – Review by Sheri Schrader

First Kill (Heaven Sent #1)First Kill by Mary Abshire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First Kill by Mary Abshire is the first in the Heaven Sent series. The story is a paranormal romance. Andrew is an angel that is sent from heaven to kill demons on earth for punishment for his sexual promiscuity. Emily is on the run and finds Andrew in the middle of the road. Can the two of them be helpful to one another?
Andrew has demons to kill while abstaining from sex or his time on Earth will be extended. Emily is running from her problems. The two of them go on the adventure of their lives while learning to trust a stranger. Will Emily eventually learn to trust Andrew? Can she accept that he is actually an angel and that he is on a mission to kill demons?
The story is well paced and left me wanting to read the next adventure. Andrew is funny with his comparisons about Heaven and Earth. Emily is a sweet, well-meaning young lady who has had some tough luck. I was rooting for both of them to succeed and come closer, but not too close. I am anxious in seeing where their story progresses.

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