Distorted by Melody Jones – Review by Jenni Bishop

DistortedDistorted by Melody Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One night out with friends turned Lucy’s life upside down. Her parents not being supportive and no longer in contact with her old friends have left her a broken shell. Her self worth is non existent. Work, home and a few friends is her life.

Even seeing a therapist has only managed to keep Lucy at a basic functioning level. Lucy’s therapist asks her to give alternative therapy, submitting to another person a go.

A few anomalies have brought Lucy back to the attention of the FBI. They have decided to reopen her case and keep an eye on things. Lucy having found things from her past, planted at work and at home, have caused her to contact the authorities and escapes to her friend Quinn’s.

Lucy attends alternative therapy to try to help take back her life. On the way home she is followed and loses control of her car.

Keegan enters her life but is he what he seems. Beau her work friend and colleague is sending up red flags. Who is telling her the truth. Will she be able to return to a normal life once she knows the whole truth.

I really enjoyed this story a truly felt for Lucy. Melody has done a great job with this story.

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